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February 4, 2011

Eric & Magill

[mp3/stream] Eric & Magill – Should We All Wake Up
[mp3/stream] Eric & Magill – Grandpa’s Pink Wine

You might not have heard of Eric Osterman and Ryan Weber, the low-key duo known as Eric & Magill, but you need to know. This is honest, heartfelt music they’re making. Weber, a talented multi-instrumentalist, corralled the support of his friend Osterman and a variety of other musicians he knew from Shearwater, The Dirty Projectors, Volcano Choir, Collections of Colonies of Bees, Pele, Owen, Joan of Arc, Cap’n Jazz, American Football, Via Tania, Headlights, Sufjan Stevens, and Maritime to put together All Those I Know. Pretty impressive, right? The praise for the results is not obliging, however, but richly deserved.

All Those I Know is an album to be spun at dusk, outdoors, which makes the album cover literal in a way most actually aren’t. You can file it under “electrofolk” or “awesome”. The lead-in title track sets up the album’s provisions- misty, stomp-along acoustic pop- nicely. On “Should We All Wake Up”, the muted, weary vocals served up over simple acoustic guitar manage to compel, especially when Lussia Kamberian Weber’s lilting voice chimes in. With “You Make It So Good”, the band veers left just before shoegaze territory. Echoed voices and percussion add to a calming, dreamy affect. “Grandpa’s Pink Wine” and “Pontoon Boats” just might be my favorites, the former with its fuzzy tones and plethora of synths, the latter with gorgeous vocals and whistle, but it’s hard to say on an album this precisely, consistently moving.

You can download the entire record at no cost (or support them however much you can) at their Bandcamp site. AT NO COST. There is no reason you shouldn’t be listening to them.