Punching holes in a music box

Everyone across the pond is buzzing about Hannah Peel, and with good reason. She’s a unique talent poised to have appeal to everyone savvy to the UK folk landscape, perhaps beyond. Her voice is neither flimsy nor husky, but takes a clear, lilting path in-between the two extremes. Her melodies are pretty, but also eerie enough that they are never cloying. Everything about her is perfectly balanced. For instance, lyrically you might consider her folk efforts more traditional (on her new LP she tackles tales of loneliness and rejection, and an Irish traditional from the 19th century), but sonically she is looking forward with the help of producer Mike Lindsay (of Tunng) and  synthesizers. In the rich layers of her music, piano and string arrangements meet all sorts of electronic flourishes and textures. Know it now if you don’t already: she is a talent to watch out for.

[mp3] Hannah Peel – Unwound
simply click and save

You can download any/all tracks from her album The Broken Wave, out today on Static Caravan, at Boomkat. I recommend having a sample of This is Your Home/Song for the Sea here as well, both are which very representative of the depth of her talent on the LP.


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