Pick up the stones, they are safe in yr hands

Meet Fallulah, aka singer-songwriter Maria Apetri. Hailing from Copenhagen, she released her first full-length album The Black Cat Neighbourhood in 2010 and is now poised to swoop in and entrap your heart, or at least your ears, on a grand scale. She considers herself a mixture of indie rock and folk, but I’d describe her music as densely layered, uniquely atmospheric pop. Clearly evident is the influence of all the trips she took with her family as a child to festivals in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Macedonia, when her Romanian father choreographed Balkan dances for her mother. “Use It for Good” is like a haunted, lilting waltz. Think Natasha Khan come back down to earth, but drifting through like a tumbleweed in black lace, and with folksy stringed instruments in hand.

Fallulah – Use It for Good

Download her music over @ her official site.


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