Preview Review (Adele’s 21)

Adele’s sophomore album 21 is a slow-burn, moody effort. More precisely, it’s like lighting old love letters on fire. You stand around one night, watching the ends curl up, crisp and go black, float upwards in sparks. It’s very much an album about remembering what it was like to fall in love, and falling out of love again. She said she was influenced by American music and describes her efforts as a “dark bluesy gospel disco.” I’m picking up hints of jazz as well, especially in her cover of “Lovesong”. It works completely, every turn towards Americana.

She belts out over a piano on “One and Only”, and tap-stamp-twangs in “Rumour Has It” which sounds like a 60s-era line dance should accompany her. Her balladry on “Don’t You Remember” and “Someone Like You” is never plodding or overwrought, her voice sounds impeccably mature.

I loved Adele’s first album 19 when I heard it and I still love it now, but this album makes me realize I was waiting for her to do this kind of music- darker and less polished, more raw. Adele’s voice is a weapon finally unleashed, and these are the kind of arrangements that will never become dated.

Adele – Rolling In The Deep


Adele – Lovesong

BONUS- Adele singing “Someone Like You” live on Jools Holland.

21 is available February 22nd. Put your preorders in!


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