I Will Keep Following the Sirens (or is it Silence, I can’t tell)

Twin Shadow remixing Oh Land? Be right back, quietly sobbing. (You should know about me that: I love Oh Land and constantly talk about how she is going to be the next big thing, I loved Twin Shadow’s album Forget last year. A lot.)

Anyway, this version of the track strips away some of the warmth/whimsy of the original, but the compensation you get is a ton of new interesting sounds. I loved how tracks on Forget had a twinkle and chime that almost could set your teeth on edge but instead veer into hypnotic. Some of that magic is dusted on here, along with a more conventional dance-ready aspect. He also pushes her voice upwards to echo against the proverbial ceiling. The result: Oh Land sounds more beguiling that ever.

White Nights – Twin Shadow Remix by OhLand

Check out more about Oh Land.
Check out more about Twin Shadow.


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